Welcome to Kohinoor

The First Preference for latest in electronics

Kohinoor welcomes you into it’s dazzling world of electronics and to experience the widest range of the latest state -of -art technology in the most pleasant of stores ambience, assisted by welltrained team of sales consultants who would help you to make an informed purchase. Whats more, your post purchase experience would be most satisfactory. Joyful and memorable moments of truth is what you will enjoy. Cx of a high standard is what you would appreciate. That’s our commitment !


Overall encompassing a vast expanse of 100000+ sq.Ft of a spectacular world of electronics


We showcase the best of International and domestic brands of good quality and repute and who are backed by reliable aftersales service.
Mission Statement

MAY OUR PRODUCTS BRING BENEFIT AND JOY ,is our ethos by which we stand committed to our customers to deliver value, through our impeccable services and products, along with a memorable shopping experience to justify their faith reposed upon us and thus build a long relationship with our customers

Our Philosophy

Our ‘Selling Joyfully’ insignia is characteristic of our entire company’s be all-end all philosophy, hence in a retail scenario which sells products with identical features and model numbers, where product displays in stores almost seem like cloned, pricing is nearly comparable the differentiator in retaining customers for longterm and spreading goodwill through word of mouth is by sincerely offering all customers a memorable shopping experience replete with excitement and engagement.

Our Top Management

Mr. Ram Mewani

Founder & Chairman

I have always considered our customers as our biggest blessings and directed all efforts and resources towards giving them correct guidance and information in choosing products as well as providing them post-purchase satisfaction. We always look to have a life long relation with our customers and consider them a part of our Kohinoor family..

OOur sales and service is rendered to bring real joy and benefit to all our customers and this philosophy has now been adopted in our organization as a way of life

Team photo
Team photo

Mr. Vishal Mewani


I always firmy believed that we are Champions and Champions -never -Rest. Kohinoor’s strength lies in curating luxury lifestyle products and successfully promoting them across all our stores. Our motto of selling joyfully has evolved from an organizational statement to a way of life for all our team members.

Our commitment towards providing a wonderful Customer Experience ( CX ) to all our esteemed customers is our way of doing business with a humane touch which emotionally connects our customers to brand Kohinoor for longterm

Mr. Sanjay Mewani


Kohinoor’s growth story is a result of the outstanding team that we have built over the years.The most important pillar of our business are the people who make it happen day in and out at our showrooms as well as the corporate office and our logistics team.

Their single minded dedication towards fulfillment of the company’s mission has helped us achieve so much in such a little time.

Team photo
Team photo

Mr. Rahul Mewani


At Kohinoor we are never satisfied with status quo. We constantly look for better opportunities to improve our offerings, in-store experiences and back-end processes.

Continuous improvement is the key to our steady progress in a volatile market such as the one we are in today. Our commitment to continuous improvement has only helped us time and again with valuable insights.

Our values

Kohinoor Electronics has Five primary guiding values


Integrity is our hallmark and every interaction and transaction is built around it.

Exceptional Service

We believe in providing helpful personal attention through our well trained sales consultants to ensure genuine post purchase satisfaction to all our customers.

Good isn’t Enough

We contantly strive to raise the bar, trying to work harder and do better even when we are the one of the best. Our competition is with ourself


Our organization utilizes cross training as much as possible. There is no unimportant or easy job - they are all crucial and have unique challenges.


We believe in personal accountability. Irrespective of our job roles, every member of Team Kohinoor believes that every action of theirs affects our customers directly.

Customer Experience - CX

Our Ikigai is Customer Experience. We aspire to give our esteemed customers an experience to cherish and look forward to building a long lasting relation with our customers. In a retail industry where there are not much differences in the hardware setup of product display, we strongly believe in giving a differential culture of an emotion filled shopping experience to our customers based on trust, correct guidance, happiness , knowledge and excitement.
Customer Exp